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Getting data into Pace: Introducing our new set-up workflow
June 23, 2022

It just got easier to get your most important data into Pace. See Pace’s new data onboarding workflow in action.

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Lessons from Applying B2C Strategies to B2B: An Interview with Hila Qu
June 22, 2022

Having led product growth at admired companies in both B2B and B2C, Hila Qu has rare, first-hand experience with what both of these transformations look like up close. Hila was kind enough to sit down with me and share her perspective on some of the topics that are top-of-mind for many product and revenue leaders.

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The 5 Product-Led Sales Motions
June 2, 2022

While some PLG sales motions look similar to their direct sales counterparts, others are quite unique. In this post, we’ll explore the five product-led sales motions and how they’re executed.

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PLG FAQs: The Most Common Questions about PLG from Sellers
May 24, 2022

The team at Pace has spent the past several months meeting with hundreds of sellers and sales leaders navigating the transition to product-led growth (PLG). As you can probably imagine, patterns start to emerge in these conversations. I sat down with Pace’s CEO and co-founder, Justin Dignelli, to cover some of the most frequently asked questions about PLG he gets from sellers.

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How to Build Your Own "PLG CRM" (Parts 3 & 4)
May 17, 2022

In the final 2 parts of this series on building your own "PLG CRM," you'll see how to sync your modeled data into your CRM and start to plan out and measure some basic automation.

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