New in Pace: Automated company matching, firmographic enrichment, and enterprise-wide visibility

March 23, 2023
New in Pace: Automated company matching, firmographic enrichment, and enterprise-wide visibility
Justin Dignelli

Talk to anyone who has spent time selling a product with a bottoms-up motion long enough, and you're likely to hear one of the following:

  • "I don't even bother looking at signups without a company email. It's a waste of time."
  • "I'm usually the last to find out if we get new signups from my top accounts."

The ease of adoption that makes product-led growth appealing to end-users is also what makes it challenging for revenue teams to monetize.

Users can sign up using any email address they want and can often give their product workspace an arbitrary name. This makes figuring tying back usage to a real-world company very difficult.

Sales teams waste time manually matching product sign-ups with the accounts in their CRM or, worse yet, leave revenue on the table by ignoring them altogether.

Go-to-market teams are often forced to equate real-world companies (represented by "Accounts" in CRMs like Salesforce) with product organizations (the teams, workspaces, etc.).

In reality, the relationships between these entities look more like this:

Look familiar? Teams with a PLG motion typically see multiple signups from within the same company.

Easily qualify new self-service customers

With our latest release, Pace automatically identifies the company associated with your product users and organizations.

A single company can have multiple product accounts? No problem. Each organization is grouped together so you can easily understand usage across the entire company.

Qualify new sign-ups as they happen with Pace's automated company matching.

‎‎Not only does Pace identify the company associated with your product users, but we also provide additional firmographic data you can use to understand your customers better.

This includes attributes like:

  • Company website
  • Employee range
  • Annual revenue
  • Industry
  • HQ location
  • LinkedIn profile

Get the complete picture

With data scattered across different product organizations, it was hard to understand the usage landscape across an account to identify consolidation, expansion, and cross-sell opportunities. 

Combine company-level information with product usage data to segment your customers in new ways.

For example, you might want to find:

  • B2B SaaS companies with more than 1 recent sign-up
  • Companies located in the United States with at least one organization on the "Pro" tier
  • Companies with over $1B in annual revenue with more than 3 free tier organizations

Whether you want to sort and filter your complete list of companies or drill into the details of one in particular, we want to ensure the information you need to hit your number is always easily accessible.

With Pace, the information you need to hit your number is available (in a format you can actually use.)


Fine-grained Insights. Company-level context.

Pace's Insights alert you when opportunities arise to convert, retain, expand, or consolidate self-service customers. With this release, each Insight comes with information about the Company and Organization that triggered it.

Keep tabs on your most important accounts without leaving Slack.

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