Introducing our Insights Builder

October 20, 2022
Introducing our Insights Builder
Justin Dignelli

When we talk to go-to-market teams looking to take their product-led sales motions to the next level, we consistently hear:

  • It’s challenging to pull together the right information to segment our customer base in a sophisticated way
  • Dashboards and reports are helpful but don’t proactively alert customer-facing teams to important changes in customer behavior
  • Customer-facing teams often lack context when reaching out to users, leading to a poor customer experience

As a first step to addressing each of these challenges, we’re excited to lift the veil on Pace’s new Insights Builder. 

In a matter of minutes, you can empower your sales and success teams with timely product usage information. Whether you’re looking to improve free-to-paid conversion, prevent churn, or grow existing customers, Pace guides you through the process of getting the right information to the right person at the right moment.

Pace’s Insights can also be used to flag product-qualified accounts (PQAs) to your sales team based on your existing scoring.

💡 What are product-qualified accounts? Sometimes, customers indicate they’re ready to buy or expand based on a single user’s behavior. We call this a product-qualified lead. When no single user is driving the intent (for example, because there are many active users or activity is aggregated at the account level) it’s helpful to think in terms of PQAs or product-qualified accounts. PQAs signal to us that there is potential purchase intent across an organization.

If you’re interested in test driving Pace with your data, sign up to be part of our beta.

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