Getting data into Pace: Introducing our new set-up workflow

June 23, 2022
Getting data into Pace: Introducing our new set-up workflow
Justin Dignelli

Data and operations teams: have you ever been tasked with setting up a “simple” new data integration only to realize it's going to take much longer than expected?

We know that syncing data from various sources across your organization is about more than just providing access. You have to ensure that the information being synced is modeled correctly, up to date, and populates correctly in the new tool.

Data integration isn't trivial, no matter the tool. At Pace we're working very hard and taking steps towards making it easier.

Specifically, we’ve designed Pace’s data model to maintain flexibility as you integrate data from different sources. However, it also takes advantage of a standard set of entities that make your data actionable to customer-facing teams.

Additionally, we’ve invested in building tools that data teams can use to maintain oversight into the data being synced to Pace—from connection health monitoring and data backfills, to the ability to pause individual models or integration sources.

See Pace’s new data onboarding workflow in action.

If you're interested in how Pace can give your customer-facing teams more insight into user behavior, drop us a line.

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