Looking back on a year of Pace (and some exciting news)

August 24, 2022
Looking back on a year of Pace (and some exciting news)
Justin Dignelli

Time truly does fly.

It's been a little more than one year since Rez and I left MongoDB to pursue building Pace. I distinctly recall when, last summer, customers and investors asked us why we'd leave such an incredible company. The short and firm answer was always the same: we had to build this company.

The original premise for building Pace was straightforward. Enterprise buyer behavior has changed; therefore, go-to-market processes and technology must also change. Buyers now expect on-demand product experiences coupled with low friction and transparent payment options. At the same time, they expect world-class human engagements in the form of sales, customer success, and support interactions.

Over the past year, we've spoken to hundreds of SaaS companies, and a common theme has emerged. They all want to "meet the customer where they are." Whether it's sales, marketing, support, or customer success, they each want to engage with the right users or accounts, with the right message, and at the right time. Pulling this off becomes increasingly complex with product-led growth, where there are thousands and sometimes millions of users to consider.


At Pace, we believe the new enterprise software go-to-market strategy will be event-driven. Companies will choose how (and through which channels) they engage with their customers based on the previous events in a user and account's journey. Our goal at Pace is to be the underpinning software for this new strategy.


Drive the right actions at the right time (without combing through dashboards)

In support of that mission, we are excited to announce that we've raised $5M in seed funding led by Work-Bench with the backing of MongoDB founder Kevin Ryan and his fund, AlleyCorp. Additionally, we're humbled by the support of angel investors and advisors like John McMahon, Zachary and Jacob Smith, Adam Gross, Jeanne DeWitt Grosser, Hila Qu, and several other equally accomplished go-to-market experts.

With this funding, we're investing in our incredible core team and are furiously working on delivering a generally available product. In the meantime, be sure to follow Pace on Linkedin. If you're interested in joining our beta program, please feel free to contact us here.

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