Stress, Burnout, and Mental Wellness in B2B Sales: A Conversation with Chris Hatfield

July 19, 2022
Stress, Burnout, and Mental Wellness in B2B Sales: A Conversation with Chris Hatfield
Justin Dignelli

Before Chris Hatfield founded Sales Psyche, he spent over 14 years in both quota-carrying and leadership roles in sales. However, his personal experiences with anxiety while selling led to a real interest in mental well-being.

Today, Chris is a Mindful Sales Coach, and host of the “Hey Psyche, How Do I?” podcast. He has worked with clients across the industry including Google, Salesforce, Aircall, and Vidyard (whose team introduced us to Chris!).

I recently caught up with Chris and he shared actionable tips for spotting the early warning signs of burnout, building a more mindful work environment, and what leaders can do to better understand their employees.

Highlights from our conversation:

  • 01:09: Chris shares his personal experiences with stress and anxiety
  • 02:42: When does stress start to shift from being a healthy source of motivation to something more concerning?
  • 05:17: What should you do if you start to experience symptoms of burnout?
  • 07:45: How can you use "pit stops" to check in on your mental well-being?
  • 10:08: What should sales leaders be doing to promote mental wellness among their teams?
  • 12:13: The limitations of asking, "How are you doing?" during 1:1s
  • 14:28: How to spot warning signs of anxiety in a remote environment
  • 17:46: Building empathy for sellers from teams outside of the sales organization
  • 19:54: Tips for dealing with the ups and downs of life in sales
  • 25:35: Managing change and uncertainty
  • 32:49: Strategies for creating a transparent working environment
  • 34:32: Incorporating mental health into team events like SKOs and off-sites
  • 37:14: Takeaway: What's one thing you can try out this week?

You can find many of the resources Chris mentions in our conversation at his website. (Be sure to follow Chris on LinkedIn, too.)

Thanks again to Chris for speaking with us!

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